Integrated campaign, brand identity, marketing communications & animation to promote a new online learning service

The EUPATI Open Classroom is the new e-learning platform featuring flexible and on-demand learning for patients, patient representatives and other stakeholders worldwide. Following the huge success of the EUPATI website project, we were delighted to work with the EUPATI team to develop a unique brand identity, set of marketing communications and animation videos to promote the service.

Firstly, we created a logo to reflect online learning with the clever combination of a book and computer graphic. From here we developed a hero vector graphic consisting of a main character as the ‘learner’, surrounded by multiple icons which represent all areas of medicine. The brand identity was rolled out for marketing brochures and flyers, as well as a series of animation videos. These quirky, dynamic animations tell the story of how the service works. Our team were responsible for story boarding, key messaging, graphics and animation.